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light up your safety!

​​Safe on the road – innovative lighting for bike trailers

Bicycle trailers are from the modern cityscape are indispensable. As a sustainable and versatile means of transport they stand for a new urban mobility, no matter if children, pets, shopping or drinks are to be brought home for the next party. Bicycle trailers make family life easier – and make it more environmentally friendly.

​​But honestly, in the dark, the practical trailer is a security risk. The “boxes” behind the bicycles are easily overlooked at night because they are insufficiently lit. In road traffic, often only the wheel is perceived, but not the wider trailer behind it.

Accidents are inevitable!

​more safety foryour children

​suitable for allbicycle trailer

​Energy source:smartphone or powerbank

You have good Ideas?

Do you have any good ideas, suggestions, wishes or comments? Get in contact with us and help us develop a product tailor-made to the customer’srequirements.

​​Almost invisible by day.Increased visibility at night.

​The new travis lighting system also ensures night driving with the bike trailer. Unlike conventional point lights, travis marks the contours of the trailer. This gives the other road users clear information about the height and width of the vehicle.travis is easy to install by Velcro or magnets and can be flexibly adapted to all common bicycle trailers. Thanks to its intelligent design, travis is almost invisible in the light and does not interfere with everyday use.travis does not have to be dismantled during the day.

Maximum flexibility and still safe!

With travis you are always on the safe side, because you always have reliable lighting. Even if it is spontaneously later in the evening later than planned and the lapel light is at home. Empty batteries are no longer a problem as travis is completely flexible in terms of energy supply. All you need is a power bank, a smartphone or another USB power source.travis makes the night ride a highlight!

Suitable for all bike trailers

Due to the flat design ​travis ​light looks like a daytime Reflective tape integrated in the trailer design.

High Power LEDs

The integrated charging station bag offers enough space for a power bank or the popular smartphones.

​Safe light and positioning concept

The patented material is flexible and adapts to the everyday “rolling up” the fly screen. An easy installation is possible for everybody.

Smart Design outsideConnectivity inside

  • ​Easy installation
  • High Power LEDs
  • Suitable for all bike trailers
  • Almost invisible during the day
  • Flexible energy source: power bank or smartphone
  • ​Light automatic
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (Low Energy)

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We are a small startup from the city of Karlsruhe, which uses daily bicycle trailers.The idea for travis came from our experiences in everyday life – and the desire to make life safer for us and our children.

​Alisa Kailer – travis light CEO

​Alisa Kailer

Kriegsstrasse 26276135 Karlsruhe

Tel: ​​+49 721 957942 – 0


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